It Was Bound To Happen

Fred's last blog had to do with Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, issuing faulty legal advice to county clerks to the effect that they could refuse to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples based upon the clerk’s personal religious beliefs.  While almost all clerks immediately adapted to the change in the law brought about by the recent opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court and began to issue licenses to same sex couples, you just knew that some clerk would do as Paxton suggested.

The Hood County Clerk, Katie Lang, refused to issue a marriage license to a gay couple based upon her religious opposition.  Almost immediately, a federal suit was filed which prompted the Clerk to change her mind and issue the license.  I suppose she made her point, but this act of defiance had a cost that she was not entitled to exact from fellow citizens.  

All of us must follow the secular law of the land.  To do otherwise invites anarchy and repression of those who hold different beliefs than our own.  People tend to forget that the doctrine of separation of church and state is intended to protect religious freedom and the state in equal measure.

Pastor Kevin Paulson of Springs, Michigan said it well: “In sum, true liberty must protect both the right to freely adhere to religious tenets and the right to freely deny them.  The problem with the . . . . current campaign for religious liberty is that it comes across to too many . . . as a defense of freedom solely for persons who think and act as they do, not freedom for those who differ.”